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Middle East Development group finalising projects,not buying land

WE refer to your Reuters report, ‘Bin Laden-linked group buying land to build cities’ (BT, Aug 30).

We would like to clarify the following points:

(1) The group is not ‘buying’ land to build cities as mentioned in the report but in the process of finalising the projects which are undertaken by the group’s companies Al Noor City Holding and MED LLC. Both companies are controlled by Sheikh Tarek Bin Laden.

(2) Oussama Al-Dimashki highlighted that the group wishes to emulate Dubai’s success and implement its success and development model in other countries.

(3) The building of cities outside of Dubai is part of Sheikh Tarek’s vision to provide better city solutions for people worldwide to improve their lifestyles and overall quality of life.

Oussama Al-Dimashki

Chief Executive Officer

Middle East Development LLC


Source: Business Times 31 Aug 07

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