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BUDGET 2008: THE DAY AFTER: The Government’s Budget Book

The Government’s Budget Book is a fascinating treasure trove of facts and figures about how different ministries are spending their money and what standards they hold themselves to. Fiona Chan and Adam Lee plough through this year’s offering

$20.1 million To be spent for the relocation of the People’s Association headquarters

$218 million To be spent on reclamation at Pulau Tekong

788 Number of overall crimes expected per 100,000 population, up from 717 last year

90% Proportion of ‘999’ calls answered within 10 seconds, down from 98% last year

$1.9 Amount given to the universities in grants and subsidies

15% Proportion of single males in the 40-44 age group. The proportion of single females in this age group is 12.9 per cent

7.6 Number of divorcees per 1,000 female residents

3 number of cooks in PM’s office

450 Number of arts groups/artists to be assisted through grants this year

$2.9 Compensation payments for Jurong Island Project

$3 million To buy furniture and equipment for new Changi Prison Complex

45.2% Increase in Public Service Commission spending last year over 2006, mainly due to the higher civil service salaries

24.4% Percentage of Primary 1 cohort admitted into NUS, NTU and SMU

$27 To be spent developing *Scape, the new Youth Park behind Orchard Cineleisure on Grange Road

90% Proportion of all criminal cases that are proceeded with as scheduled

Source: The Sunday Times 17 Feb 08


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