Stop Buying! Adopt Animals Instead!



I would love to have pets, especially cats and horses. I think it’s highly possible to get rid of our dependence on petrol by riding on horses! Horses love to run! Can you imagine all agents going for viewings riding on our horses? HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!


On a more serious note…

In these recent years, I’ve noticed that there had been more and more cases of animal abuse. It is sad to see all these innocent helpless animals being used as tools for vengeance.


I remembered reading somewhere, that the way a person treats an animal is a reflection of himself, and I find it quite true.


Are you aware that:

1. Every YEAR, an average of 8400 animals are abandon to SPCA? That is about 3000 dogs, 4300 cats and 1100 small animals! That means, about 700 animals PER MONTH OR 23 animals PER DAY are given to SPCA!

2. How can SPCA cope with this? That is why, they have no choice but to put down animals if there’s really no one else to take care of the animals!


It makes me wonder if we are really a civilized nation. I doubt very much so…


Most parents buy pets to their children as a reward for their studies. Children deserve to be rewarded. However, instead of buying pets from pet shop, I appeal to all parents to consider adopting their animals from SPCA. SPCA has very strict criteria for all potential owners of pets before adoption. I think this is a very good method of screening potential owners and also to help prevent abuse. It ensures that all potential owners will think long and hard before adopting. Do remember, even though it’s an animal, it’s still a life.


Before I forget, I suggest all young couples, who like me, has parents who refuse to let them have a pet, please do not have a pet no matter how tempted you are to have one. I’ve seen too many people who had to give their pets away because their babies are allergic to fur, dusts, etc… Please wait till you have kids to have pets!


There are 3 places you can go to adopt your pets, click on them to go to their websites:

1. SPCA (for all animals)

2. Cat Welfare Society





3. Action for Singapore Dogs








Please help save lives by adopting animals.

Be responsible.

Be compassionate.

Be kind.

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