1. How do I subscribed to SGPropertyPress’s newsletter?

Go to http://www.facebook.com/sgpropertypress1, log into your facebook account, click the “LIKE” button to follow the news on SGPropertyPress.

2. What is the difference between subscribing to SGPROPERTYPRESS’s twitter account, Facebook Account and Newsletter Signup (Newsletter signup form is available in Facebook Page)?

Twitter account:

-very short snippets on property related news or other information.

Facebook Account:

– summary on government policies, and property related news that may affect you.

– be informed of latest open-houses or new property launches in Singapore and Melbourne market (Please note that for Melbourne, property launches are only suitable for investors.)

– be informed of latest units available for sale, whether it is new developments or resale market in Singapore or even Melbourne!

– Take part in polls!

– Thinking of investing or selling your property? Fill up questionnaires found in Facebook page and I will  get back to you within 3 working days.

WordPress Blog Newsletter Signup:

– Sign up for newsletters when you have followed me through Facebook.

– Newsletters contains detailed analysis of certain government policies and regulations could influence consumer behaviour on the property market. I can’t post it on Facebook because it is very detailed!

3. Why is only part of the information released online?

Jarene has spent many years in the real estate industry. All these information that she has put online, is gotten through her experiences. She feels strongly that these information should not be freely given, especially when these information was gathered painstakingly by her. However, she is willing to share this information with her preferred clients.

4. Why do you not include the name of the development in your blog? I am interested in this development.

Many developers do not allow us to publish the name of the development before the actual launch date online. We can only release the name of the development after the developers have launched their developments. However, if you are subscribed to my blog via email subscription here, you will have more details of the development.

5. Why do I need to answer so many questions in your email subscription?

This is done so that Jarene can understand your needs better, and faster and will be able to provide sound advice on where you can invest in your next property.

5. What is your privacy policy?

Be assured that Jarene will never sell your information to any other person or organization.

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