About Me

I am Jarene Chuang, from ERA Pte Ltd and I have been in this line, in the same agency since 2006.

My Role as Your Property Consultant:

1. To seek out the best developments for investors and home buyers to consider.

2. To arm my clients with sufficient information to make an informed decision.

3. To keep my clients updated with the latest information so that they are prepared to make a decision on whether to invest in the development.

4. To bring clarity to my clients’ objectives in investing in any development.

Your Role as My Client to Successfully Invest in A Newly Launched Property:

1. Be clear about your objectives in investing in a property.

2. Discuss with me on your changing needs and requirements.

3. Read the news and information that I have painstakingly sent to you.

4. Make a decision that you are comfortable with and inform me about it.

At the end of the day, we are all here for our families – you are investing so that you will have residual income to provide financial security for your family, and I make my commission also to provide financial security for my family. Since we are all doing it for our families, let’s work together and create a win-win situation!

This blog has been set up specifically to:

1. Inform clients about the details in changes of property rules by Singapore Government.

2. Inform clients about the details of new property launches in Singapore that are worth considering.

3. Provide a more objective views on certain news reports.

I also have a Facebook account. The objective of this Facebook account is to:

1. Provide a short summary of news from my blog.

2. Provide interesting facts about new launches.

3. Any other short snippets of information that is useful for you to make a decision.

Basically, it would be in best interest of all my perspective clients to be a “Fan” of my Facebook account, because all information in my blog will be linked to my Facebook account, but not all the information on my Facebook will be linked to my blog.

To be a “Fan” of my facebook account, click here or going directly to www.facebook.com/sgpropertypress1

Have a great day ahead,

Jarene Chuang – bringing the BEST Developments to YOU

ERA Marketing Director

Mobile:  (+65) 9431 4139

Email: jarenechuang(at)gmail.com

CEA Reg No: R026495H

Estate Lic No: L3002382K

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